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Andrew Little: NZ is watching Facebook closely and will take action if needed

Toby Manhire The Spinoff, 27 November 2018 New Zealand’s justice minister, Andrew Little, has stated he is “watching very keenly” international efforts, such as those of the “international grand committee on disinformation and ‘fake news’”, to hold Facebook accountable for the impact that fake news spread on the platform has had on democracy as well as on how they treat their users’ data.

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The law that lets Europeans take back their data from big tech companies

Steve Kroft CBS News, 11 November 2018 A new law, called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), enacted by the European Parliament has given consumers in Europe greater ownership over their personal data. The law restricts how technology companies collect and monetise their users’ personal data by ensuring consumers have an understanding about the data collected on them so that they can decide

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How Government algorithms are judging you

Richard MacManus Newsroom, 12 November 2018 A report released by Statistics NZ has concluded that, despite the increased reliance on algorithms for decision-making, New Zealand’s government agencies still do have enough human oversight. However, there are still concerns about how these algorithms, which use statistical probabilities derived from the population, are used to inform decisions made on individuals.


Cathay Pacific warns 9.4 million passengers had data hacked, New Zealand helpline set up

Grant Bradley New Zealand Herald, 25 October 2018 Concerns have been raised in regard to the unauthorised access to the personal data of some Cathy Pacific passengers following an international data hack. New Zealand passengers could be among those whose personal information was compromised. In response to this event Cathy Pacific has set up both a help line number and website to assist worried

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Letter to The Privacy Commissioner: Credit Reporting Privacy Code Amendments

Credit Reporting Privacy Code Amendment No. 13 & No. 14, Privacy Foundation New Zealand, August 2018 Credit reporting Amendment No. 13 & 14 – August 2018 


Public Make Submissions on Privacy Bill

Public submissions on the Privacy Bill may be found on the Justice Committee of Parliament’s home page, the link to which is below:


Justice Committee Of Parliament – Privacy Bill

Justice Committee Of Parliament – Privacy Bill, Privacy Foundation New Zealand, May 2018 Justice Committee Of Parliament – Privacy Bill – May 2018


Curran: Google, Facebook ‘experimenting’ on us

Shane Cowlishaw Newsroom, 31 May 2018 Clare Curran, the Minister responsible for Digital Media, has expressed her concern over how companies, like Google and Facebook, are using the data they collect on their users and how this usage may be in breach of the user’s human rights.  Clare Curran also stated how these concerns are shared by the digital rights working group,

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Rick Shera: Kiwis need right to be forgotten

The New Zealand Herald, 22 May, 2018


NZ privacy commissioner has pulled up Facebook for breach of privacy laws

Source:, 28 March 2018