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‘Demonstrated unwillingness to comply’: Facebook in breach of NZ Privacy Act

New Zealand Herald, 28 March 2018 The Privacy Commissioner has concluded that Facebook breached the New Zealand Privacy Act following an incident in which Facebook denied a complainant access to personal information held on multiple other Facebook users.


Privacy Foundation Deputy Chair Quoted Over Dotcom Ruling

Source: Newshub, 27 March 2018


Australia Should Strengthen its Privacy Laws and Remove Exemptions for Politicians

David Vaile The Conversation, 22 March 2018 Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal in the United States, there are calls to remove the exemption that Australian political parties receive from complying with privacy laws. Additionally, Australia’s privacy laws need to be updated to bring them on a par with privacy laws in other countries, such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.


Briefing for the Incoming Minister of Justice: Hon Andrew Little

Briefing for the Incoming Minister of Justice: Hon Andrew Little, Privacy Foundation New Zealand, February 2018 Briefing for the Incoming Minister of Justice – February 2018


Declassified: The secret briefing which shows how Kim Dotcom and Edward Snowden made spies all over the world open up

David Fisher New Zealand Herald, 5 February 2018 A declassified document regarding a Five Eyes meeting on “Intelligence Narrative” reveals that the Kim Dotcom and Edward Snowden cases prompted countries involved in the spying network to become more open to the public about their actions as opposed to refusing to “confirm or deny” them.


Improving New Zealand’s Privacy Law After the Uber Breach

Contributed by Reuel Baptista After launching in 2009, Uber now operates in 82 countries, including five cities in New Zealand. Uber enables users to conveniently order and pay for a ride through its smartphone app. However, Uber gave its users an unwelcome early Christmas present in November 2017; it announced that it had suffered a data breach in October 2016

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Qihoo 360 shuts down live-streaming video platform over privacy concerns at schools

South China Morning Post 20 December, 2017 Qihoo 360, a Beijing-based internet security company, shuts down its live-streaming platform, Shuidi Zhibo, over privacy concerns around the live broadcast of school students’ activities on the public platform.


Intelligence & Security Annual Report 2017

Annual Report by the Office of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security, published 1 December 2017 Intelligence & Security Annual-Report-2017


How Peter Thiel’s Secretive Data Company Pushed Into Policing

Mark Harris, Wired. 08/09/2017.


Amazon and WhatsApp have been scolded over their “disappointing” privacy practices

Source: Samuel Gibbs, The Guardian. Tuesday 11 July, 2017.