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General Elections – questions to political parties

We want to know how the upcoming General Election will impact the protection of privacy of New Zealanders. Will our Privacy Act 2020 be updated? What will happen with the draft Customer and Product Data Bill? And, will the Cloud First Policy be changed? So, we sent three questions (as below) to 8 political parties that have most support in

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Think before you spit! – genetic data and commercial DNA tests

Think before you spit! We would like to raise awareness about commercial DNA tests and their flaws. The industry has created a market for DNA tests as commercial services and allows people to order tests online. That industry has very little regulatory oversight. The research project conducted by Dr Andelka Phillips and Professor Samuel Becher explored the industry’s DNA services

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Feedback on a potential biometrics code of practice: discussion document

The Foundation’s submission in response to The Office of the Privacy Commissioner’s request for feedback on a potential biometrics code of practice may be viewed below: Feedback on a potential biometrics code of practice – discussion document


Submission on Draft Customer and Product Data Bill and Discussion Document

The Privacy Foundation’s submission to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment on the draft Customer and Product Data Bill and accompanying ‘Unlocking value from our customer data’ discussion document can be found below: Submission on Draft Customer and Product Data Bill


Waikato District Health Board Cyber incident response

The Privacy Foundation’s Hauora Health Privacy Working Group has considered the final published independent report that examined the incident and assesses key learnings. These comments are focused specifically on the independent report that Manatū Hauora | Ministry of Health was instructed to commission. Following the release of Situation Reports and Ministerial Briefings, the Group also provided further commentary by way

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Seeing the forest and the trees: using de-identification effectively to protect privacy

This new commentary, written by the members of the Privacy in the Digital Economy Working Group, advocates for more transparency and guidelines in New Zealand around the de-identification of personal information. De-identification is when personal information is modified to decrease the risk of identification of individuals. Many agencies (private, public) use de-identification to protect personal information and keep it usable

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OIA Request for the Release of Submissions on Broadening the Privacy Act 2020 Notification Rules

Response to the Foundation’s OIA request for the Ministry of Justice to release submissions to their consultation of broadening the Privacy Act 2020 notification rules. Submissions released in response to OIA request


Our Health Information Security Framework Submission

The Privacy Foundation’s Hauora Health Privacy Working Group has submitted upon the revised Health Information Security Framework which is being updated by Te Whatu Ora | Health New Zealand. The Framework provides guidance to health organisations holding health information to manage and improve information technology security, and sits under a Standard (HISO 10029). The public comment process was carried out

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November 2022 (No. 6)

Privacy Foundation NZ Newsletter: November 2022


Submission on Digital Courts Strategy

The Privacy Foundation has submitted on the Ministry of Justice’s Proposed Digital Strategy for Courts and Tribunals. You can read the submission here: Digital Strategy for Courts and Tribunals Submission.