Rick Shera: Kiwis need right to be forgotten

The New Zealand Herald, 22 May, 2018


Improving New Zealand’s Privacy Law After the Uber Breach

Contributed by Reuel Baptista After launching in 2009, Uber now operates in 82 countries, including five cities in New Zealand. Uber enables users to conveniently order and pay for a ride through its smartphone app. However, Uber gave its users an unwelcome early Christmas present in November 2017; it announced that it had suffered a data breach in October 2016

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Playing by others’ rules – compulsory data collection and consumer privacy

Contributed by Reuel Baptista 27 November, 2017 Playing by others’ rules – compulsory data collection and consumer privacy Data is essential for any company that wants to thrive in the digital economy. Data about customers is particularly valuable because it enables companies to tailor products and services to their customers. Ideally, a consumer should be able to opt out of

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Gehan Gunasekara: Reform of pre-internet Privacy Act must be a top priority

The New Zealand Herald, 2 November, 2017


When reading the terms and conditions isn’t enough

Everyone knows it’s important to read the small print before signing up to something – but how many of us actually do it? Ts and Cs aren’t always that user-friendly, particularly if you’re trying to read them on the small screen of your phone. Even if we can read them, understanding what they’re on about isn’t always straightforward. And if

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