COVID-19 and Privacy Resources

Due to the rapidly changing situation this resource list principally provides links to other resource pages that are periodically updated rather than individual documents.

New Zealand public service resource pages:

Unite against COVID-19

Ministry of Health

Rapid Audit of Contact Tracing for COVID-19 in New Zealand (Ministry of Health)

Office of the Privacy Commissioner

NZ COVID Tracer app Privacy Impact Assessment 

Final Report on the Contact Tracing System

Inquiry into Ministry of Health disclosure of Covid-19 Patient Information

Overseas resources

VUB Law, Science, Technology & Society Research group: Data Protection and the Covid-19 Outbreak

Global Privacy Assembly: Data protection and Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources

Privacy International: Tracking the global response to COVID-19

International Association of Privacy Professionals: COVID-19 Guidance
and resources

European Commission: Guidance on Apps supporting the fight against COVID 19 pandemic in relation to data protection

Suggestions by data privacy professionals and academics for drafting good legislation for contact tracing app: Good legislation to make COVIDSafe trustworthy

UN Global Pulse COVID-19 Data Protection and Privacy Resources


Digital platforms for communication and information sharing: A resource, prepared by the Children’s Privacy working group, on privacy points that should be considered when using digital technologies in education

Contact Tracing – APProaching the Future: A commentary piece, from a privacy perspective, on Dr Ayesha Verrall’s audit report on contract tracing for COVID-19 in New Zealand

Zoom: How to Keep Uninvited Guests Out of Your Zoom Event

AdTech: Information on what AdTech is and why it matters to our privacy.

Age appropriate design: A code of practice for online services.

CERT NZ Protecting your privacy online: Protecting your privacy online means you have more control over where your personal information goes and who has access to it.

Privacy Act Guidance for Landlords and Tenants: A guide to the Privacy Act for landlords and tenants.

Privacy guidelines for Kiwi landlords and tenants: A blog on privacy guidelines for both landlords and tenants.

Get Ready for Upcoming Privacy Law Changes: A guide to help you prepare for the changes to the Privacy Act that will come into effect as a result of the new Privacy Bill.

Privacy and CCTV: A guide to the Privacy Act for businesses, agencies and organisationsEND